About MTH Software

MTH Software, Inc. is a small, friendly Massachusetts-based company: We're not a team of financial planners or number crunchers. We're real people dealing with real money issues. We want to get rid of our credit card debt, are starting to think about college savings for our kids, have a sneaking suspicion that everyone else's cell phone plan has more minutes for less money, are tired of getting stung by stupid bank and credit card fees, and dream of buying a more environmentally friendly car. We want to take control of our money to reach our financial goals, and invite you to join us.

MTH Software was founded in December 1998, is headquartered in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and is currently self-funded. We’re privately held, fiercely independent and would like to remain that way. One of the privileges of being an independent software company is that we don’t have to answer to anyone but the users. We don’t have to worry about whether a decision impacts a parent company or VC's, because we don’t have a parent company and are funded by our customers.

The best way to get in touch is to send a email to info@mthbuilt.com

We answer all email within one business day. If you have not received a response, please double check that you don't have any spam filters installed which are blocking our messages to you. If you maintain an incoming whitelist, please allow all messages from the ‘mthbuilt.com’ domain.


mthbuilt.com - our Desktop Apps website
mymoneylive.com - our Online Apps website

MTH Software, Inc.
PO Box 1073, Marblehead, MA 01945-9998

Phone: (617) 398-0MTH (684)